here are 360VR photographs of the Burren, County Clare Ireland
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Of the estimated 3 thousand holy wells throughout Ireland there are 40 or so in the Burren. Originally focal points for pagan communal tradition they were absorbed into Christian tradition. The monasteries, hermitages of the early christians were established near to those springs and so became associated with the Saints. They offer cures for various ailments ( eyes, warts, toothache, sore eyes , sore feet ) There is a tangible tranquil mood at their locations. Some have water all year long, whereas others are basins found in the limestone which fill with rain water. Although many are obviously regularly visited some are in need of renovation. Many wells have days when they are traditionally visited.
Near to the occasional spring can be found a pile of stones which may have been used for cooking by heating in a fire and throwing in the water
See if you can find the many offerings that pilgrims have left for the saints' blessing in the belief in a cure.

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the early christian churches of the Burren

the blessed wells of the Burren

Landscapes of the Fertile Rock

Tim Robinson's map