here are 360VR photographs of the landscapes of "the Fertile Rock" found in the Burren, County Clare.Ireland
these are about 1.5Mb flash movies,click on picture and then click and move mouse:
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001burrenADJ 1lane baly
blackhead-path blackhead-top blackhead-wall
blackhead2 blackhead3 blackhead5
water2 bunny1 burren-water1
burren002done burren1 corkscrewM
mohar6 mohar3a mohar1q
derreen FANOR1b FANOR3b
frostylane Glensleade1 GraganEast1
GraganEast2 jan29-04 jan29-06
jan29-1 jan29-10 jan29-11
jan29-13 moss1 mullach-half
mullach-half3b mullach1M mullach25
not-corkscrew StMacDuachsnearby StMacDuachsnearby2
wall-tree wall-tree3 wall
mullach25B mullach4 2CourtTombNorthKilnaboy
CourtTombNorthKilnaboy dolmen1 dolmen2
glensheeWedgeTomb ballyportyCastle boston
GleninaghCastle lemeneagh lemeneagh2